The Secret War – The Great Aryan Tartarian Empire Vs Khazarian Babylonian Jewish Mafia

“For, He stirs up and brings against Babylon an alliance of great nations from the north. They will take up their positions against her, and from the north she will be captured…an army is coming from the north. They are armed with WEAPONS; they are cruel and without mercy. They come in battle formation.”

a race of tall, red haired giants
or taller humans (Nephilim –
In the Hebrew Bible, there are a number of other words that, like “Nephilim,” are sometimes translated as “giants” ), related to the Aryan race, once ruled the northern Hemisphere and has gone into hiding or been exterminated; they may be related to the Tartaria phenomenon.

So a couple things

 In Aramaic culture, the term Nephila specifically referred to the constellation of Orion, and thus Nephilim to Orion’s semi-divine descendants. The Fathers of the Nephilim are The Grigori, (also known as The Watchers) The mysterious eighth order of angels, the gentle Grigori were created by God to be Earthly shepherds of the first humans. The Grigori were both physically and spiritually gigantic, at least by the standards of the people who later wrote about them.


-entire platoon of US troops claims they fought a red haired “giant” 12 feet tall in Afghanistan. If you haven’t ever heard this story look it up.

-cover up in progress 10-15 years ago in Kentucky when diggers found 3 giant red haired mummies under a mound near Cahokia

-ancient mummies found underneath pyramids in western China and throughout India along Silk Road confirmed to be tall, red headed Aryans.

-swastika, symbol used in Nazi Germany found in ancient sites in India, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Bangledesh, Nepal, Iraq, and many other countries, always in conjunction with these tall Aryans or Indo-Aryans who set up the caste system in India which to this day has lighter skin people on top

-several notable historical figures confirmed to have red hair and blue eyes; Genghis Khan, Mohammad, Saladin, etc. all easterners who do not possess the likeness they’ve been given on mainstream art. Example: fat Asian Buddha is incompatible with original sources that have him in good shape, white, blonde and blue eyed.

-66 million people killed from 1917-1945 in Russia heartland of Tartaria

-Soviet government releases in 1957 systematic plan to wipe out Tartars

This is all very unsettling when you consider the destruction of Tartaria, a land rumored to have been the greatest civilization in the world that allowed Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims (they leave Jews out for some reason..) to practice their religions in brotherhood and friendship and peace, while still practically ruling the world after their ancestors conquered it for the most part I.e. Genghis Khan who was not Chinese as his portraits suggest but a Tatar. ” The Empire Stretched as far as Cape Breton Nova Scotia.
“The site is situated on Cape Breton Island, on the far eastern coast of North America, to the north of the Nova Scotia peninsula. We describe the author’s visit to the site, guided by Paul Chiasson who has been researching the ruins for several years. Chiasson’s research has revealed that early Europeans were aware of the settlement, describing it on separate occasions as “a fair and populous city”, “Tartarie” and “the land of the Great Khan”.  The ruins consist of a series of stone platforms, each situated in a commanding position as the town slopes down to a river on its northern side. It is clearly a Chinese ruin, quite different in layout from Roman, Arabic or European towns. It is about twice the size of Macchu Picchu and a third of the size of Roman London, capable of housing thousands of people.
t appears that the first Jesuit priest to arrive in the area found that the Mi’kmaq had a written language which they claimed they were taught by foreign visitors from afar. These foreign visitors taught the Mi’kmaq a civil way of life, how to live in peace under good governance, how to fish with nets and how to navigate by the stars. We are told how they then left to return to “their homes at the far side of the north pole”, travelling in great ships.

Comparison of Miqmak Traditional Clothing and Tartarian

Last map we have mentioning Tartaria, it’s borders shrinking, comes from circa 1832

Image result for Best Tartarian Map

Image result for napoleon tartaria

I think Napoleon did it, I think he started the extermination and I think Stalin finished it. Hitler is the enigma. Was he on their side, or was he trying to save an ancient civilization he worshipped? Either way, he and his armies were on a methamphetamine-fueled crusade to wipe out the Jews. Is this the product of an ancient (or perhaps not so ancient) Jewish/Khazarian-Tartarian blood feud the profane (that’s us, the commoners) are just simply not allowed to know about?

Black people from Africa have also been seen in portraits in positions of power and influence and respect throughout this era 1400-1750 where they are wearing “western clothing” and doing “western things.”

I don’t know pretend to know why, but that part has been almost completely erased and hidden away. But they have to tell you; watch the movie Mary Queen of Scots; there are several black African nobles, even the queens primary advisor who appear in the English court.

History is a lot cooler than we’re told

This shit is incredible if true and serves as a warning to the white race and the black race, it appears that someone somewhere sees these two cultures as a threat and hopes to dilute them and enslave them even more then they have already become. Do not forget that over 350,000 white men gave their lives so that black slaves could be free in the Civil War. Do not forget that we have struggled here together under the lies and chains built by a handful of faceless criminals who see us all equally as cannon fodder.

Europe is clearly the next target to erase from the history books

They’ve weaponized Islam and turned it against us. That culture which held the arts and sciences in tact for a 1000 years, so we’re told, now has taken the form of “Barbarians at the gates”.

All it took was a little push. And now all this history is coming back to us, right at the moment when we’re going to lose even more of it.


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