Rabbi Marvin Antelman On The Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati Connection

only useful in exposure of sabatean jews. stupid lady says Palestine and jerusalem is only jewish what an idiot. 9:00 sabatei chevi was born 1626 and said he was a messiah, sultan said either you revert of lie, so he reverted. but his follwoers created sub groups. he says talmud that mesaih comes when everyone is good so he said its when everyone is bad, so he says do bad deeds and use up all evils and then you use up all evil universe and then messiah comes. he had a cult named domev was spread through jacob frank who died in 1791. garish shalom wrote about sabati shevi, says him adn other documented and continue sabatean influence, has a line from cfr and illuminati back to sabatei chevi who was invovled in french revolution. 14:30 SAYS PROTOCOLS OF ELDERS OF ZION IS WRONG, THAT IS SUSPICIOUS. says pro katz says jews and freemasonry, and some of the cults dereived from sabaetai shevi was domev in turkey, another cult was frankists was jacob frank, they said you can only study kaballah after 30 and 40 years of talmud. 16:30 family called burshka, spent time in france libarary to hide sabetean influence. says they planned teh french revolution. girl asked isnt it good because democracy came. says sabaetai shvi has became a SUFI shrine where he is buried in Albania. now he is an idiot says teh virgin gifts was from per islamiv sufi tradition. says the sufi cults is assassins, ppl would have hasish and saba, and would have ppl assassinate ppl, were called hassassins. hasan ibn saba or old man of teh mountain. he set up places where ppl smoke hashin. he got it from spencer encyclopedia of the occult says he was a rasa cushoin. illuminati business arm of sabaetean cultists, and masonry. illuminati wanted to demote bible and make secularism. 24:00 religion is oppiate of masses. rabbi marvin has book to eliminate the oppiate part 1 and 2. he talks about conspiracies. started by cult of sabatai shevi of 1666, they took his teachigns and perverted it, and to bring messiah make everyone sin until the world becomes so low the messiah saves us, they said sabatai sevi is god, they say jews excommunicated them. illuminati were gentiles with jewish banks. shimon peres says there will be a new middle eastern block similar to eu. or na union etc. says builderberg group in europe. rabbi says any jew invovled leaves judaism, says trotsky was excommunicated as a jew. says some ppl are skeptical regarding sabaetai is connected to communism. says ilga zorluve a secret member and a salatican. wanted to put a crypto jew agenda in public. says sabateans turn off lights and swingeer parties. out of dormev the new leader was a member of Dormev. 32:00 callers come in. wants to know about connection between sabatae shevi and refirm judaism. talks about families in his book. says conservative movement is to be taken over by gays. the sabeteans created reform judaism and radio girl wonders if she infiltrated yashiva university. rabbis says abortion was changed form featal murder, and being gay is not a perversion but a preference etc. 36:50 asks what can an average jew against these judeo conspiracies. says come to zion and live. 38:30 asks about jews in neo cons and wants to know if they are sabaetean jews. says he has nothing to say on it. in some ways guy is useless. 41:00 asks about jesuits, and says wesihapt was from a jesuit groups. but he worked with rothschild. says he liek quigly tragedy adn hope and anthony sutton wall street and hitler and walls street and communism. says ARABS ARE FAVORED PARTY OF CFR in (angle american establishment of cfr)…. LOLZ says they arent monolithic but are pagan satanic and sufis and zorah pagan in united nations. says they want plato’s republic NWO. this guy is biased!Show lessREPLY


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