The Moscow Tel Aviv Zionist Axis

“The infiltration of the United States began long ago and we are now seeing its fruits as the US heads for collapse. This has been written about in detail since McCarthy and Senator Fulbright. Right in front of us. Read the front cover for the immediate details – Fulbright, Senator, is going after them big time during the reign of JFK. Now it becomes obvious why they killed him.

Israel is a Jewish Bolshevik creation. From start to finish. Just as Soviet Russia was. And just as the United States has become.
Israel was a creation designed to give more than a national homeland for Jews and control of Jerusalem and the increasingly important Middle East of the Suez Canal and oil fields – it was a crime bunker and entry point for Soviet Communist penetration of the United States under the cover of a Biblical Israel which Christian Americans fell for and continue to fall for.

There is not a dimes worth of difference between Zionism (Jewish Nationalism) and Bolshevism {Jewish Internationalism). Communism one and all.
Now we see, as Lark attests, the “third way” emerging from THE SAME people, out of Israel, Communitarianism and the work of Ametai Etzioni. Technology for the Smart Cities-Gulags-Kibbutz – Israel. New Laws for the Smart Cities-Gulags-Kibbutz – Israel.
Israel is LITERALLY legally TIED to the United States and is now transferring its wealth, technology and even people – technology specialists – over to its sphere of influence, the new Rome, capital of the Pan Eurasian Belt & Road Initiative – Jerusalem. Greater Israel.

So you see, utilising Israel as a “backdoor” into the United States and ‘The West’ has always been a top priority for the Soviet Union Jewish Communists. Putin, the grand super spy is deep in bed with his Polish buddy Bi Bi and all his friends – old Communist Russians and Poles – who have access to ALL the American high technology sector in the greatest security penetration ever. Its been going on for years – right in front of the American people and security services who have seemed helpless to stop it.


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